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The Cocoon

The cocoon is meant to be as cozy as possible. Our aim: get the expatriates to feel comfortable here in Switzerland.

The home

The home remains for many a place of peace where we may relax, find each other and recharge one's batteries so we can begin every new day with the necessary energy. Too often a home requires household chores, repairing, neighborhood problems or installation problems.

We take care of everything for the expatriates to feel at their ease in their new home, especially to be able to use all apparel and facilities of the building. Coming home after a long day of work the expatriate has to be able to relax.

The help line

A question with no answer? A worry? Need a piece of extra information? We are listening to you, and we can advise you.

The aim is also to allow the HR department as well as colleagues to focus on their job without being stopped by unprofessional needs expressed by the expatriate. This also is to allow the manager not to be interrupted by his/ her partner while working.


We reassure the manager and his family by offering support at all moments.